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Other FAQ


When is the next Open Board Officer Meeting?

The schedule for all open Board Officer meetings is posted here (schedule) ; with a hard copy posted on the onsite bulletin board.

How do I get a copy of the Association's Certificate of Insurance:

The Association's Certificate of Insurance is posted your owners portal: Owners Portal

Does the Association have a pest control vendor?

Yes, the Association maintains a contract with a pest control vendor for treatment of all exterior perimeters of all buildings.

How do I find out my mail box number and get keys?

Contact your local USPS branch.

I just purchased, what's next?

If you don't recieve your welcome please email information@entrusthoa.com.

I'm selling, do I need anything specific?

When you are selling make sure to click the Buying or Selling link on the home page for links to download all the documents you need.

I am considering hanging some type of sun screen/awning on my patio. Am I allowed to?

You will need to complete an Architectural Change Form with the exact specification you are wanting to install.  It will need to be a neutral color and the shading will need to cover end to end of the patio side.